We're Having A Baby!

The first thing I said to him was, "Audrey is being promoted to a big sister, and you're going to be a dad, again!" He smiled and was ever so thrilled. We wanted to hug, but distance was holding us back. Chris was in Arizona when I found out I was pregnant and I couldn't hold it in until he flew back home, so I had to spill! I am about 13 weeks along and this babe is due April 1st!


Friday, for the last time...

And at last here we are! We have come to almost an end as this will most likely be my second to last post for awhile, if not for good. Beginning of next week is when all the craziness will begin and the running around won't stop probably until we have settled in our NEW home in a NEW city, but nevertheless an oh so familiar country! Hallelujah!

For the days not spent inside due to rainstorms, we have been enjoying glimpses of sunshine on the balcony, walks on the boardwalk accompanied with a chocolate croissant and taking in the last bit of our view and the city where we live.

Audrey and I will be welcoming Chris home this weekend from yet another work trip and then we will begin the slow process of moving. Although we may not be actually flying for another few weeks, we will get there eventually and I am so stoked for a new chapter to begin!

Cheers to the weekend, hubby coming home, moving and for the several days of rain we've had over here, which I know most of you reading this are jealous because you're barely surviving the SoCal heat!

Stay cool my friends!


Happy Birthday Babygirl!

You have grown so much over one single year and it brings us happiness to watch you grow!

To our dear daughter, Happy Birthday!
You bring us so much joy. We are blessed by you every day.

We love you,
Mom and Dad